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Christmas time with Candles!

Christmas time with Candles!

Andrew and Philippa started this business a few years ago, in the heart of London, using a old slow cooker on Andrew's kitchen table. The first batch of Orange and Clove Christmas candles they made for some friends!!

I personally love candles!!  Burning one daily in our home and I have to say these candles are made with the finest aromotherapy-grade essential oils and absolutely nothing else!!  They are beautiful!  Try your own!

Spitalfields Candles reputation has grown, and so have they!!  Their principle is to make a 100% natural soy candle that shines more brightly then the others!! 

The luxury scented candles fill the room with a beautiful, clean fragrance without you inhaling paraffin fumes or nasty synthetic perfumes.

Orange and Clove

The sweet orange, citrus sinensis, is believed to have originated in South East Asia.  They create a feeling of happiness and warmth. Clove oil has a warm, earthy, spice ad slightly sweet scent.  It calms and refreshes the find and lifts depression.

Rose Geranium

Balancing, calming and relaxing properties.  The essential oil helps to balance the nervous system, relieve anxiety and lift depression.

These are beautiful, to make a purchase contact www.helenstubbsinteriors.co.uk

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